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Need to get a grip on Instagram? You're not alone!

Are you tired of your only followers being your friends and family?

Are you frustrated that no one comments on your posts?

Do you see others making SALES on Instagram and wonder why no one is buying from you?


I feel your pain - but I also figured out exactly why no one cared about my content (ugh! creating posts felt like such a waste of time!) and why no one was buying my stuff (that's not  problem anymore!).

It's all in your content and engagement strategies.


Instagram Workshop &

Private Social Media Coaching Group

TICKET PRICE: $99 (price goes up to $297 June 1st))
 (a tax deductible business expense!)

Do you need to up your social media marketing efforts but don't have the budget to hire a professional consultant?


SESSION #1 - How to Optimize Your Profile/Bio

Are you making these 9 common mistakes that cause business owners to LOSE money on IG?

SESSION #2 - How to Make the Algorithm Work FOR You!

The algorithm is not your enemy! Learn how to teach the algo to work WITH you, not against you.

SESSION #4 - Organic Hashtag Growth Hacking 

I guarantee you are not using hashtags to their full potential to grow your audience & make sales! I'll show you how.



My signature Hashtag Happy Hour workshop sells out every single time, because I teach small business owners & side-hustlers the exact growth and engagement techniques I use for my own clients.

Organic engagement and growth are a crucial part of any business, non-profit, or side-hustler's marketing strategy!

I'll teach you...


  • How to take your IG bio from "blah" to "BUY NOW" in minutes

  • How to locate and attract your ideal customer through engagement & hashtags.

  • 3 simple ways to show up in IG stories every day that don't require doing videos

  • How to make the algorithm work FOR you, not AGAINST you

  • How to overcome content creation & overwhelm without spending hours on social every day


All in the form of Facebook video sessions in our private group. This Instagram Intensive for small business owners who already have a basic understanding of how Instagram works. Increase your visibility, reach, and sales by implementing what you learn in our sessions!


Watch the video sessions at your own pace & implement the strategies you learn TODAY.

You'll be able to post in the group for help and feedback after the workshop is over. The videos will remain up in the group as well - so you can re-watch as needed!

You'll have continued access to the private Facebook group & videos for coaching/support with Erin to make sure you get the most out of our session and can effectively apply what you learn to your IG account

You'll also enjoy networking & learning with other female powerhouse entrepreneurs from various industries. Many of my workshop participants form new partnerships & collaborations with the ladies they meet at Hashtag Happy Hour!

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