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5 Fun Podcasts for Writers (or People Who Love Words)

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Do you love the English language? Do you enjoy learning about how idioms came to be or the ins and outs of the rules of grammar and syntax? Hit "subscribe" on these 5 podcasts!

1. The Allusionist - This podcast hosted by Helen Zaltzman primarily asks the question, "Why do we say the things we say?" If you love the history of lanuge, pop culture, and the psychology of speech, this one can't be missed.

2. Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing - If you're a writer in any capacity (from high school student to professional blogger) you've used her website in order to nail down the finer points of English grammar. Episodes are 10-15 minutes in length and as entertaining as they are educational.

3. A Way with Words - This fun (and funny!) podcast aims to change the way you think about language by "examining it throughout history, culture, and family."

4. Writing Excuses - Multiple hosts take turns leading this podcast with a single goal: help their listeners become better writers. If you're looking for a fast-paced lesson in writing technique, add this one to your queue immediately.

5. I Should Be Writing - Hosted by the legendary Mur Lafferty, this podcast typically interviews writers but also touches on topics such as publishing and dealing with editors. A great place for aspiring writers to learn from the masters.

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