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Daily Checklist for Social Media Managers, Solopreneurs, and Influencers

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

The social media beast has to be fed EVERY DAY. And it can be exhausting, right? We're all susceptible to falling down the rabbit hole. But what if social media management is part of your job? You can't afford to lose one moment or overlook an important part of brand & reputation management.

Here's our daily checklist for anyone in charge of a brand's social security - whether it's your own or a client's:

1. Reply to comments. Don't just drop an emoji - respond with 4 or more words to show Instagram that your engagement is genuine. Unless you don't care about looking like a bot. In that case, feel free to drop "Great post!" in the comments and cement your reputation as a spammer.

2. Check your mentions. "Like" and reply as necessary - and keep it professional if you're faced with negative feedback or criticism.

3. Take the social temp & check your scheduled posts. All it takes to derail your brand's reputation is for one current events sh*ts storm to roll in while you're not keeping your eyes on your scheduled posts. Don't let anything publish that might be seen as insensitive or tone-deaf to the situations surrounding your brands locally or nationally. On the other hand, staying up-to-date on current events also gives you the chance to make humorous and well-timed observations. Scheduling your content is great - just don't forget about it altogether.

4. Check the competish. What are your competitors doing well? Where are they failing? Fill in those gaps and provide value to your followers to set yourself apart from the competition.

5. Curate content to share. Each social media platform has a native feature for you to share content and sort it into folders! Create a file for each brand you manage or each topic you curate and store all your current ideas for curated shares in those folders. This makes them easy to find when it's time to schedule.

6. Engage outside your community. Be sure you're stepping outside your followers and brand/industry hashtags to make new connections with potential followers/clients/customers. Provide genuine, thoughtful comments and feedback - and NEVER EVER tell someone to check out your profile or follow you back. Gag.


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