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Two Reasons You're Not Converting Social Media Followers to Paying Customers

🔖Save this one if you're having trouble converting your followers to paying customers 🔖

This is a balancing act.

When my clients are having trouble converting followers (lurkers, engagers, whatevers) into paying customers it's usually because they're trapped in one of these cycles:

1️⃣ They NEVER ask for the sale 🙊

2️⃣ They don't STOP asking for the sale 🙈

Here's the deal: you can't be afraid to SERVE your audience, giving them VALUABLE information for FREE.

That's what I do here! Right?

I want all of my followers to understand that they can 💯 take control of their digital & social marketing - and freaking kill it - without hiring an agency or contractor.

I try to give you the tools and point you in the right direction.

For free.

But I'm also a hustler with bills to pay and an agency to run! So I can help take over some of those task at different levels if they need extra help or just don't have the time. My most popular services are the following:

✔️Hashtag lists

✔️IG Engagement & Hashtag Workshops

✔️Social Media Coaching

✔️Online Business Coaching

✔️Content Creation

✔️Full Social Media Management

But you're not going to know what I offer if I don't tell you.

You're also not going to give a flying flip what I offer if you haven't already decided that you LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST me.

Which brings us back to serving 🔃

Don't shove your products down your followers' throats every day. But don't forget to tell them how they can work with you & support you! You won't make money if people don't trust you, and you won't make money if you don't sell yourself.

Interested in more helpful tips on social media selling?

Download my Perfect IG Profile Checklist, hop on the waitlist for my next local workshop, or peruse my menu of social media marketing services!

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