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Why Size Matters When It Comes to Hashtags

☝When you're chatting with the girls about why size matters 😆

Hashtag size that is...

If you're going for the BIG tags (in the millions) because you think they're popular and that's the best way to get seen, you've got a major hashtag strategy problem.


Because content using those tags gets buried as soon as it's published.

🤖Not only that, but bots & spammers only use those giant hashtags, making them less effective and increasing the likelihood that your follower count is growing only with FAKE followers, not real ones.

Niched hashtags with UNDER 300k uses get your content in front of targeted users without triggering bots to latch on to you. They will help you find pre-qualified, genuine IG users who are actually interested in who you are and what you do!

Need help building a list of niched hashtags for your social strategy?

I've got you, girl. For only $50, I'll give you a list of hundreds of hashtags to mix and match for maximum visibility and engagement - and I'll throw in a few tips from my Hashtag happy Hour workshop to help you know how to maximize their reach 🙌

E-mail me at erin (at) to snag one of November's openings!

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