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Why You Should Be Using Location Tags on Every Instagram Post

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

True or false: If you're not using location tags in EVERY post and EVERY story, you're wasting valuable Instagram real estate?


Locations can be small (a coffee shop or salon) or large (a city or country). I recommend using a mix of both in your feed posts AND stories!

When Instagram users are searching those locations, it allows them to stumble upon your content in a way they may not have otherwise!

If they see you frequent the same wine bar, book shop, or hotel, you've already connected on a basic level.

They're more likely to click through to your profile where they'll then make the split-second decision to follow you or not.

Is your profile scaring them off?

I tell you how to know to make sure your profile isn't costing you money in this FREE downloadable checklist!



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